AR Platform

Integrate Innovative Augmented Reality for Your CustomersEmployeesVendors

BUNDLAR’s scalable SaaS platform makes it easy for individuals, corporations, and institutions of all sizes to benefit from augmented reality (AR) technology.

Augmented Reality Platform Subscriptions

Each of our vertical platforms allow for low-cost entry to augmented reality (AR) with an easy to use Content Management System (CMS) and public-facing Platform Apps.

For enterprise clients that need to scale, BUNDLAR provides a more complete platform and branded AR apps that gives our customers complete control to manage the entire AR process.

Become a BUNDLAR strategic distribution partner and be your clients’ go-to AR solutions provider. Create a new revenue stream, while showing you are an innovative leader.

Easy-To-Use CMS

BUNDLAR’s AR Made Easy! Content Management System (CMS) allows individuals, businesses, and institutions to create and manage their own unlimited AR experiences. Simply upload a Marker–an image you want to be augmented–or geolocation and the correlating AR Asset you want to be triggered by either. Resize, move, edit, and update your AR Experiences on your own. It really is that simple.

Point. Click. Wow.

Our BUNDLAR Platform Tiers allows you choose the amount of AR Experiences, CMS accounts, functionality, branding, and the depth of analytics that meets your needs from Essential to Enterprise. Our Platform Apps are another easy option to jump on vertical apps quickly and at a lower cost.

BUNDLAR Platform Tiers

The BUNDLAR Platform Tiers, Content Management System (CMS), and Platform Apps allow you to choose the solution that is right for you. From a one-time test case to minute-by-minute edits or updates to a fully branded AR app, BUNDLAR will find the perfect fit for you. Each level of service will increase the amount of AR Bundles, Experiences, Assets, and CMS Accounts you can have. Choose to develop your own Branded AR App or to add a Branded or Styled Bundle of AR experiences to a BUNDLAR Platform App.


  • Access augmented reality (AR) with “Essential” AR services via a BUNDLAR Platform App by using a client-specific bundle of AR experiences
  • Includes limited consulting and training


  • Increased features, functionality, CMS accounts, and consulting/training
  • New branding tools that allow for increased client styling and branding


  • Create a branded app with access to all platform features, functionality, and 50 CMS accounts
  • Includes more training & consulting hours


  • Take a photo with an animated and interactive 3D character
  • Great for lead retrieval and creates a fun experience at events
  • Accessed through the BUNDLAR Platform or Branded App

BUNDLAR Platform Apps

Easy to customize. Rapid development. Low cost. Repeatable. Create your own augmented reality (AR) experiences on our Content Management System (CMS) and then jump onto an existing BUNDLAR Platform app for quick access to your AR creations.


Access the entire functionality of the BUNDLAR Platform with our up and coming app. Enjoy the convenience that comes from having one central point of access.


Turn almost any printed or digital content into AR experiences featuring audio, video, digital info bubbles, links, and 3D models. Watch the PublishReality informational video to learn more.


Enhance experiences by creating custom branded tours for your museum, university, or institution. Bring physical locations to a whole new level with video, audio, dynamic 3D graphics & more.


Use AR to enhance the traditional passport or treasure hunt game, while tracking all users for unmatched lead retrieval. Watch the eXpoReality informational video to learn more.

BUNDLAR Branded Apps

BUNDLAR will develop your own branded AR app with the full BUNDLAR Platform functionality. Then choose which BUNDLAR Platform Tier best fits your company or institutions demands and control your own AR experiences and story.

BUNDLAR API & Analytics

Who, What, Where. The BUNDLAR API tracks every interaction made between a user and every AR experience. BUNDLAR Tier pricing allows you to choose the perfect analytics package that fits your needs.

  • Built in Tracking
  • Raw Data Access
  • API Access
  • Learn Consumer Habits & Interests
  • Calculate an ROI
  • Gather Location Data
  • Lead Retrieval
  • Track Traffic Flow