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ST Media Group International Releases First Augmented Reality Magazines

Some foods just go together. Peanut butter and jelly. Milk and cookies. Bacon and eggs. Chips and salsa. The ingredients, their flavors, combine to elevate the other. Food parings aside, print media and augmented reality (AR) compliment each other similarly. If it's closing the new digital divide--the sales lost when a potential customer reads about an...

NCI’s Augmented Reality Interactive 3D Engineer Inspires Students

Looking for a way to engage junior high and high school students in a creative and interactive way, New College Institute (Virginia) approached BundlAR about our Augmented Reality (AR) Demo Wall (retractable banner) they saw at eduWeb 2018 in San Diego. NCI's Assistant Director of Academics and Communications, Melany Stowe, wanted to give kids an engaging experience...

BundlAR CEO John Martin Interviewed on WBBM Newsradio Noon Business Hour

WBBM Newsradio Noon Business Hour hosted our Co-Founder and CEO John Martin to discuss how augmented reality (AR) is growing rapidly in a wide variety of applications and markets. You can listen to the interview on WBBM Newsradios Facebook page. Please reach out by email to and visit to learn more.