What Do Our Customers & Partners Have to Say About BUNDLAR: Trade Shows & Events

What Do Our Customers & Partners Have to Say About BUNDLAR: Trade Shows & Events

BUNDLAR CTO and co-Founder Matthew Wren spent 15 years in the event industry, ultimately leading to the inspiration for our first exploration in augmented reality (AR) apps with eXpoReality, a 3D replacement for the traditional trade show passport or treasure hunt game that uses customizable and interactive 3D models as the “stamps.” Most importantly, the event sponsors and exhibitors were able to collect invaluable analytical data about attendees they weren’t able to before.

The trade show and event space became a focus for BUNDLAR with the market demanding more interactive AR experiences beyond gamification. Quickly shows started to ask about our popular AR PhotoBooth and how they could enhance their marketing materials.

P&G: New Chapter – Natural Foods Expo West

We were looking for an engaging way to interact with buyers and industry friends at the Natural Foods Expo West, when John and Zach at BundlAR shared what their toolkit could offer. After a few discussions on ideas and execution, we landed on developing a private app for our team to take virtual postcards with guests featuring our in-market campaign icon Sponge Barb. Besides being a fun way to capture the moment at Expo West, it was also a great way to introduce AR’s ‘art of the possible’ to our sales channel and retail customers. We are already planning more permanent installations of the tech, and the team at BUNDLAR has made it easy by being highly responsive and collaborative throughout the process.”

-Rory Foster, Marketing Technologist & DTC eComm Leader for New Chapter

Read about the Sponge Barb success here.

Training Magazine – 42nd Training Mag Conference

“We added AR to our March/April print edition, which is our biggest issue of the year, and bonus-distributed at our annual conference. It was so fun to see attendees and exhibitors playing with and experiencing the AR pages on site. We have numerous exhibitors who are already asking us about how to incorporate AR into their future ad pages and content marketing pages. It’s a thrill to see and hear such enthusiasm for this ‘next gen’ opportunity with print.”

-Lori Gardner Associate Publisher of Training Magazine

Learn more about how AR “thrilled attendees” here.

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