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BUNDLAR provides custom augmented reality application development, consulting, and marketing services. Our proprietary API "bundles" AR experiences. This allows a single custom app to deliver an unlimited number of AR experiences to users, while limiting memory use on a mobile device. BUNDLAR is ideal for trade shows & live events, print & digital media, signage, museum exhibits, and AR guided tours.

Instant Interactions

Packaged AR experiences installed on the device means they work even without a strong & consistent internet connection.

Cloud Based Storage

By using the power of the cloud, BUNDLAR apps have access to unlimited storage for AR experience bundles.


BUNDLAR tracks every interaction between a user and each AR Experience and provides the data online.


Elevate static print and digital media with our PublishReality mobile application platform. Turn magazines, catalogs, direct mail, POS displays, menus, signage, and more into augmented reality experiences. Even directly link to a product’s website from a print ad for an effective e-commerce solution. Turn interested readers into active and engaged shoppers!

PublishReality: Augmented Reality


eXpoReality is an augmented reality app that replaces the traditional passport or treasure hunt game played at trade shows, meetings, and events, while providing exhibitors and sponsors with critical analytical data they couldn’t track before. Visit eXpoReality.com and download now.

eXpoReality: Trade Show Augmented Reality


Enhance campus tours with a virtual guide for propsective students that visit when the admissions office is closed. Utilize video to show freshman how to use dorm washers & dryers. Reconnect with alumni that are visiting campus to attend the big game. Enhance physical locations through augmented reality with video, audio, dynamic 3D graphics & more by using CampusReality.

eXpoReality: Trade Show Augmented Reality

General FAQ

An Augmented Reality strategy is critical for future success, however, most people are unaware of its power & capabilities. Below are some questions and answers that will help you understand the potential of AR and how it can help your business or non-profit.

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that enables you to place digital content within the context of the physical world. The digital content could be a video, image, sound, or even an interactive 3D object.

An augmented reality experience is a single instance of digital content being placed within the context of a users physical space. Augmented reality applications may hold a single experience like a video or an unlimited number of experiences like a video, audio, & 3D image.

Augmented Reality will elevate your content, engagements, and experiences. Create a unique customer experience and tell your story to them in infinite creative ways. Stimulate your customers so they remember your message and view you as cutting edge. Track and measure every interaction between users and each AR experience, giving you access to analytical data you’ve never had before.

Use a plaque for a famous historic statue to cue an informative video about it, augment a textbook with a 3D model of a beating heart, or inform users that they may be allergic to a product by highlighting the product when the user points their camera phone at its packaging. Drive people to specific locations using AR as the wow factor that gets them there. The uses and ways to present AR are unlimited. Let your creative juices flow.

We like to tell our clients that custom augmented reality app development and solutions costs are similar to building a website. Depending on how extensive the build is will correlate directly to pricing. Unlike a website, AR solutions are generally intended to enhance current marketing efforts, meaning extensive planning or re-branding are usually not necessary, keeping costs down.

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Want more Information about Augmented Reality?

Download our helpful white paper to learn more about augmented reality, what it does, how it's used, and the steps it takes to develop a custom augmented reality application.

Our Team

Decades of experience in a wide-range of backgrounds including app development, live events, enterprise development, gaming, traditional and new media, executive consulting, marketing, and sports management give the BUNDLAR team a distinct advantage for any project.

John Martin

Chief Executive Officer

With 30 years of sales, marketing, media, management, and technology experience, John has a proven track record managing and consulting with mature properties, turnarounds, and start-ups including CBS, Clear Channel, SMS Assist, City of Chicago, Tribune Company, Critical Mass Media, MediaBank, Sun-Times News Group, ABC, and more.

Matt Wren

Chief Technology Officer

Technology consultant and full stack developer with 20 years experience producing cutting edge technology solutions. Matt has built web and mobile applications and consulted for companies large and small, new and old. Founder of the VR/AR Chicago Meetup, he's building the community that gets people & businesses actively involved in virtual and augmented technologies.

Gareth Davies

Lead Developer

Expert Software Developer with a 20 year history working in the information technology and services industry. Gareth has worked both with large companies such as Bioware, Comcast and Bank of America and small local businesses. A founding member of the VR/AR Chicago MeetUp, cultivating interest and developing software in VR & AR space.

Zach Martin

Project Director

A content producer for the Chicago Sun-Times, the Chicago Cubs, and numerous online publications, as well as a small business owner, Zach has brought his creativity and solution-driven entrepreneurship to sales and marketing. His understanding and excitement for the potential of AR is key in finding the right solution for each project.


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