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Augmented Reality Headset and Wearable App Development

Explore XR/AR Headsets & Wearables for Enhanced Training, Learning, and Development

Transform The Way Your Employees Train And Develop New Skills

BUNDLAR leverages advanced XR technology through an easy to use No-Code AR platform that empowers you to create your own immersive training, learning, and development experiences. We offer support for a variety of AR and Mixed Reality headsets, goggles, smart glasses and wearables.

xr headset app development

Whether you prefer the light weight design of smart glasses, the fully immersive nature of VR headsets, or the hands-free convenience of wearables, BUNDLAR’s AR solutions will transform how your employees train, learn and retain knowledge. Dive into a new dimension of engagement and efficiency with Augmented Reality headset applications for your employees.

vuzix m400 ar headset

VUZIX Smart Glasses

Integrating with BUNDLAR’s AR solutions, your VUZIX Smart Glasses offer a seamless experience for workers in enterprise environments. Their lightweight, durable design, combined with BUNDLAR’s powerful AR platform, ensures crisp visuals and zero downtime, thanks to hot swappable batteries. Ideal for enhancing field operations with hardhat and safety glasses compatibility.

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meta quest 3 app development

Meta Quest 3

Featuring in BUNDLAR’s tech, the Quest 3 by Meta stands out with its VR and AR capabilities at an accessible price. It integrates perfectly with BUNDLAR’s immersive solutions, offering a 4K+ display and AR-ready cameras. Its comfort-focused design, superior audio, and lightweight build enhance any AR/VR experience. With a 2-hour battery life and support for external controllers, it’s ideal for extended, untethered use in diverse applications.

apple vision pro xr headset

Apple Vision Pro XR Headsets

Integrated with BUNDLAR’s AR platform, the Apple Vision Pro elevates AR experiences, combining its Liquid Retina XDR display and A15 Bionic chip for unmatched clarity and performance. This synergy enhances digital-real world interactions, leveraging its superior camera and ProMotion tech for immersive, fluid experiences. It sets a new benchmark in AR, transforming how users interact with digital content through BUNDLAR’s innovative applications.

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microsoft hololens app development

Microsoft HoloLens 2

Microsoft’s HoloLens and HoloLens 2 stand out in the AR landscape. Their blend of multiple sensors, advanced optics, and holographic processing with BUNDLAR’s platform delivers a versatile experience, seamlessly bridging AR, VR, and the real world. The devices’ adjustability, wide field of view, and intuitive hand and eye tracking features ensure a comfortable, natural interaction, making them a prime choice for immersive AR applications.

Quickly Create & Update Your AR Experiences

Build custom AR experiences with BUNDLAR’s intuitive app creation platform. Our user-friendly CMS editor simplifies the design, modification, and launch of AR projects—no coding required. With drag-and-drop functionality and a comprehensive media library, creators can effortlessly customize the design and user journey for field service applications.

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Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs with AR


Return on Investment

Increase performance and outcomes while reducing costs


Reduction in Errors

Reduce the potential for and impact of human errors


Learning Retention Rate

Achieve better learning comprehension and retention


Increase in Attention

Improve cognitive performance and executive functioning

Benefits of XR Headsets for Training, Learning and Development

1. Enhanced Training Development: AR-guided instructions offer an innovative method for novice technicians to master complex tasks in the absence of a seasoned professional, streamlining the skill acquisition process.

2. Direct Schematic Visualization: Technicians can bypass the hassle of bulky physical manuals and endless digital scrolling by accessing equipment blueprints directly within a virtual model of the actual machinery.

3. Safety Training in Virtual Scenarios: AR simulations create a risk-free environment for trainees to hone their skills, offering a safe space to tackle real-world scenarios confidently.

4. Step-by-Step Operational Assistance: Through AR, service workers in the field receive interactive, incremental guidance for equipment assembly or disassembly, reducing mistakes and ensuring adherence to correct procedures.

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Powerful Features and Capabilities


Video and Audio

Videos and audio files are extremely effective at simplifying complex tasks, explaining processes, providing direct information from subject matter experts, and more, while enhancing the auditory environment and providing audio cues to keep your audience engaged for up to 40% longer. The BUNDLAR platform supports chroma key videos.


Provide users with direct control as you guide them through content using virtual CTA buttons to display hidden information, links to external websites, open downloadable resources, and even link to other AR experiences.


3D Models

3D models portray real-world and conceptual optics to provide more accurate visualization of objects that may be otherwise intangible or readily unavailable to your audience. The BUNDLAR platform supports animated 3D models.



Interactive labels can help provide additional information, steps in a process, perform actions, and even link to external URLs. Create a label in our editor and attach to any image, video, or 3D model, or even the marker itself, to emphasize the key elements of your material.


Media Cards

Provide your audience with a fullscreen experience, as well as a collection of content and calls to action (CTA), all in one.


Images and PDF

In addition to bringing your documents to life with AR, include them in experiences by linking to view or download pdfs, along with images that can act as buttons, scene details or even an AR photo.


QR Codes

Keep your experiences organized and easy to access with a Bundle Code, which every published Bundle of AR experiences has. The code can easily be typed into the app, or simply accessed by the custom QR code provided.


Preview and Share

Send your AR experiences to a select group of users via email to ensure quality control before publishing. This provides a staging area to edit and alter content before publishing to a live experience that may already be in use.


Tracking and Analytics

Take advantage of our robust tracking and analytics to optimize the performance and ROI of your AR experiences.

You are in Good Company


Easy to Customize. Rapid Development. AR Affordable. AR Repeatable.

In a landscape dominated by single-use applications, BUNDLAR sets itself apart by allowing users to dynamically edit and refresh their AR experiences post-launch. Our innovative approach consolidates multiple AR scenarios in the cloud, enabling subsequent downloads to a user’s device. This method ensures that users can access a suite of interconnected AR experiences seamlessly, without the constant need for cloud connectivity or a robust internet link, guaranteeing a stable and engaging AR journey