Unlimited Views

Unlimited views

Platform is available at a fixed cost to our clients no matter the size of their audience

Bundled Experiences

Bundled experiences

Multiple triggers or experiences packaged together, unlike the 1-1 augmented reality experience tools currently available in market

No Internet Needed

No Internet Needed

Once a bundle has been downloaded, it can be accessed anytime and anywhere

Real-Time Content Updates

Real-Time Content Updates

Content can be easily updated, deployed and accessed almost instantly

The leader in AR training technology

Augmented Reality has been difficult and costly for organizations and agencies to implement. Until now.

BUNDLAR breaks down AR adoption barriers by simplifying the process of developing, deploying, and distributing AR. With both end-to-end and self-serve solutions, we cater to businesses of all sizes, in every vertical, and any use case.


No-code Augmented Reality

User friendly cloud-based CMS makes it easy to create, publish and manage augmented reality experiences on one platform.


Offline Access & Analytics

Training content can be readily available and measured in low and no data throughput networking environments, because once a bundle has been downloaded, it has been cached and will continue to capture data.


Repurpose Existing Content

Make existing digital content go further by using them to augmented your environment, printed materials and more. This includes videos, 3D models, PDFs, URLs, audio, and images.

    BUNDLAR Augmented Reality Made Easy

    Easy to customize. Rapid development. AR Affordable. AR Repeatable.

    The market is full of one-off solutions, but BUNDLAR users can edit their AR experiences after their initial deployment, as well. Our technology also ensures our AR experiences are strong, stable, and reliable by ‘bundling’ many AR experiences in the cloud then downloading them on a user’s device, allowing a user to engage with many related AR experiences without constantly needing to connect to the cloud or rely on a strong internet connection.

    Screenshots showing how BUNDLAR makes Augmented Reality easy

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