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Augmented Reality For Manufacturing and Engineering

AR Enhanced Manufacturing Training and Equipment Monitoring Leads To Better Outcomes and Efficiencies

Transform The Way You Monitor Your Equipment, Processes, and Train Your Employees.

Elevate your manufacturing with the power of Augmented Reality. Discover how BUNDLAR’s No-Code AR platform can transform your manufacturing operations. Our platform is designed for ease of use, allowing you to create immersive training and operational experiences without any coding expertise. We support a wide range of AR and Mixed Reality devices, including headsets, goggles, smart glasses, and wearables, perfect for the manufacturing sector.

Manufacturing XR and AR App Development

Enhance how your workforce learns, interacts with machinery, and performs complex tasks With BUNDLAR’s XR solutions. Step into a new level of operational productivity with Augmented Reality, making every process simpler, faster, and more effective.

manufacturing employee training with augmented reality

Increase Employee Skills While Lowering Risk During Manufacturing Training

Augmented Reality (AR) transforms training for manufacturing employees, allowing for risk-free, hands-on learning without equipment damage or production delays. Workers master complex tasks in realistic simulations, boosting their skills and confidence safely. With BUNDLAR’s No-Code AR platform, you can easily create immersive training experiences, ensuring your team is prepared and proficient, ready to excel in the demanding manufacturing environment.

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xr enhanced manufacturing quality assurance

AR Enhanced Quality Assurance with Real-Time Product Inspection

XR allows real-time quality assurance comparison of products against design specs. Overlaying digital blueprints onto physical objects helps workers identify defects effortlessly, enhancing product quality. With BUNDLAR’s intuitive AR platform, creating and implementing these precision-driven quality checks becomes straightforward, ensuring your manufacturing standards are not only met but exceeded, elevating your product quality to new heights.

augmented reality for manufacturing maintenance and repair

Streamline Maintenance and Repairs with AR Visual Guidance

Augmented Reality streamlines equipment maintenance and repair, offering visual, step-by-step guides overlaid directly onto machinery. Technicians access schematics and instructions in real-time, ensuring accurate and rapid repairs regardless of prior experience. BUNDLAR’s platform simplifies creating these guides, making advanced maintenance accessible to all, enhancing efficiency and reducing downtime in your operations

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xr manufacturing supply chain management

Optimize Supply Chain Management with AR

Augmented Reality revolutionizes supply chain management by visualizing inventory levels and tracking goods through warehouses. Providing workers with real-time picking and packing instructions directly in their field of view streamlines operations significantly. Leveraging BUNDLAR’s AR solutions enables seamless integration of these visual aids, ensuring a more efficient, error-free supply chain workflow

Quickly Create & Deploy Your AR Experiences

Build and update custom AR experiences effortlessly with BUNDLAR’s intuitive platform. Our user-friendly CMS editor enables quick design, modification, and deployment of AR projects without needing coding skills.

With drag-and-drop functionality, crafting immersive manufacturing applications is straightforward and easy. Enhance your AR strategy by watching our tutorial video and see how simple it is to bring your ideas to life.

Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs with AR


Return on Investment

Increase performance and outcomes while reducing costs


Reduction in Errors

Reduce the potential for and impact of human errors


Learning Retention Rate

Achieve better learning comprehension and retention


Increase in Attention

Improve cognitive performance and executive functioning

Benefits of Augment Reality For Manufacturing

Augmented Reality revolutionizes manufacturing workforce training and operational support across four key areas:

  1. Enhanced Training Development: Novice technicians learn complex tasks quickly through AR-guided instructions, eliminating the need for constant expert oversight.
  2. Direct Schematic Visualization: Access equipment blueprints and schematics directly in a virtual overlay on the actual machinery, saying goodbye to cumbersome manuals.
  3. Safety Training in Virtual Scenarios: AR creates safe, risk-free environments for practicing real-world scenarios, building confidence and competence.
  4. Step-by-Step Operational Assistance: Service workers receive interactive guidance for precise assembly or disassembly tasks, minimizing errors and boosting efficiency.

Leverage BUNDLAR to transform your training and operational processes, making complex tasks simpler and safer with innovative AR solutions.

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Powerful Features and Capabilities


Video and Audio

Videos and audio files are extremely effective at simplifying complex tasks, explaining processes, providing direct information from subject matter experts, and more, while enhancing the auditory environment and providing audio cues to keep your audience engaged for up to 40% longer. The BUNDLAR platform supports chroma key videos.


Provide users with direct control as you guide them through content using virtual CTA buttons to display hidden information, links to external websites, open downloadable resources, and even link to other AR experiences.


3D Models

3D models portray real-world and conceptual optics to provide more accurate visualization of objects that may be otherwise intangible or readily unavailable to your audience. The BUNDLAR platform supports animated 3D models.



Interactive labels can help provide additional information, steps in a process, perform actions, and even link to external URLs. Create a label in our editor and attach to any image, video, or 3D model, or even the marker itself, to emphasize the key elements of your material.


Media Cards

Provide your audience with a fullscreen experience, as well as a collection of content and calls to action (CTA), all in one.


Images and PDF

In addition to bringing your documents to life with AR, include them in experiences by linking to view or download pdfs, along with images that can act as buttons, scene details or even an AR photo.


QR Codes

Keep your experiences organized and easy to access with a Bundle Code, which every published Bundle of AR experiences has. The code can easily be typed into the app, or simply accessed by the custom QR code provided.


Preview and Share

Send your AR experiences to a select group of users via email to ensure quality control before publishing. This provides a staging area to edit and alter content before publishing to a live experience that may already be in use.


Tracking and Analytics

Take advantage of our robust tracking and analytics to optimize the performance and ROI of your AR experiences.

You are in Good Company


Easy to Customize. Rapid Development. AR Affordable. AR Repeatable.

In an arena where most platforms offer static, single-use AR applications, BUNDLAR breaks the mold by enabling dynamic updates and edits to manufacturing AR experiences even after they’ve been launched. Our forward-thinking design stores multiple AR scenarios in the cloud, allowing for easy updates and downloads directly to a user’s device. This approach ensures users enjoy a cohesive suite of AR experiences without requiring continuous cloud connectivity or high-speed internet, offering a more reliable and immersive AR journey.