The Leading No-Code Augmented Reality Platform

With BUNDLAR, enterprise teams are seeing results by easily implementing Augmented Reality (AR) providing better, faster, and safer training and support for their workforce.


Our Mission

Our vision is that AR will transform how we work. To make that happen, we’re on a mission to democratize Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

By providing a better way to create, manage and access AR experiences, we help businesses transform their content to provide impactful experiences for their employees and consumers.


Jan 2018

SaaS Platform Features Set

Jan 2019

BUNDLAR App Public Release

June 2020

BUNDLAR CMS Public Release

Oct 2020

Patent Pending

Dec 2020

Markerless Triggers Release

Q3 2021

GEO Trigger Release

Q3 2022

How we Got Here

Augmented Reality is difficult and costly for organizations and institutions to implement. This is what we saw as a key problem. One of the largest barriers to the widespread adoption of Augmented Reality (AR) has been the need for a skilled developer to create applications that can display AR experiences.

For Augmented Reality to take off: teams need to be able to create AR freely, companies need to be able to test pilots and training modules quickly, and teams need to be able to explain the benefits of AR to each other simply.

We started BUNDLAR with one goal in mind: Create an accessible platform to create and publish AR experiences. One simple set of tools to help our clients publish AR experiences themselves. No code required.

In 2018 we started this journey. In 2020 we launched our first offering. Today we work on enhancing and expanding our industry leading solution.

Recognized Success

Today, our software helps companies of all sizes and industries to optimize their communication and create engaging content for their employees and customers, and it’s proved by recognition by a number of international awards.

Trusted by the Worlds Leading Brands

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Leadership Team

Our award winning team brings decades of experience in a wide-range of backgrounds including app development, enterprise development, gaming, traditional and new media, executive consulting, and marketing giving us a distinct advantage to take on any project.

Matt Wren Headshot

Matt Wren

President & Chief Technology Officer

Gareth Davies Headshot

Gareth Davies

Chief Product Officer

Tim Hackett Headshot

Tim Hackett

Chief Revenue Officer

Lauren Lemieux Headshot

Lauren Lemieux

Director of Marketing

Amie Abendroth Headshot

Amie Abendroth

Director of Customer Success

David Ramesh Headshot

David Ramesh

Engineering Manager

James Smith Headshot

James Smith

Lead Product Designer

Will Zeiler Headshot

Will Zeiler

Strategy & Operations Director

AR-T Headshot