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Why AR with BUNDLAR?

BUNDLAR reduces the time, cost and complexity of implementing AR into existing communication channels. We are constantly innovating to provide the most cutting-edge AR capabilities in an environment that anyone can execute in. Additionally, BUNDLAR offers editable AR experiences that are packaged and always available on device after initial load. We do this at a fixed cost to our clients no matter the size of their engagement. In short, businesses want to create AR experiences, and we’ve made it possible with the most user friendly platform on the market.

How Long will my AR content be live?

It will be live as long as you maintain your BUNDLAR platform subscription.

Do I need to put QR Codes on my graphic designs or triggers?

No, QR codes are not required on your trigger images. They are a convenient way for users to access the bundle where the AR experiences exist. Alternatively, users can manually type in the code for your bundle.

What forms of payment do you accept?

  • Credit Card: (VISA, AMEX, MasterCard, & Discover)
  • ACH: Contact us for ACH information (is also provided via invoice)

Is my data secure?

With user authentication, granular data encryption in transit and at rest, endpoint logic with object and account based security, as well as API structured data obfuscation, the BUNDLAR platform is compliant with privacy regulations and protects user data.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality, or AR, is contextual multimedia information (video, audio, 3D graphics, animation) delivered through a smart device into the physical environment. In short, digital content laid in physical real world space.

What devices will BUNDLAR work on?

Apple iPhones and iPads – iOS 11.0 or higher

Android 7.0+ Phones and Tablets

What is a Bundle?

A Bundle is a collection of Experiences (triggers that launch AR content), and each experience has a select number of multimedia Assets. A bundle and all of the experiences in it can be accessed by a single QR code and/or bundle code. A bundle can consist of both image markers and planar triggers.

A bundle is like a website, the experiences are the individual pages, and the assets are the content on the page.