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Microsoft Xbox

Microsoft Xbox

"Augmented Reality is the future of e-learning and BUNDLAR is a leader. Our work will never be the same now!"

The First Ever Self-Serve AR Customer Support

There was lot of positive buzz on social platforms with users sharing the experience, photos and videos with their followers. It is clear that in addition to being a useful technology, this is something that people are excited about, and eager to use.


The Challenge

Customers often don’t know where to find information and turn to call centers, which are extremely costly and time consuming. A survey of 21K+ respondents helped to identify specific pain points with Xbox support that the pilot needed to address.


The Strategy

To pilot augmented customer support for the new Xbox Wireless Headset, focusing on providing immersive content for the four issues customers faced the most:

  1. Registration
  2. Console Connection
  3. Headset Reset
  4. Audio Issues

The Solution

Based on the most common questions and issues, BUNDLAR and Xbox conceptualized four experiences for the bundle that would remove the need to contact customer support by giving users all the info they need, in context, with a tap of a finger. Each experience would consist of a video, image or diagram, detailed description, and links to more support guides, hitting on all the content users wanted most.

The Outcome

From both the financial and customer journey perspective, the program was a success.


Return on Investment




Call Volume Reduction


Increase in Demand

Download Full Case Study

Read more about this case study and learn how our approach helps address our client problems.


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Easy to customize. Rapid development. AR Affordable. AR Repeatable.

The market is full of one-off solutions, but BUNDLAR users can edit their AR experiences after their initial deployment, as well. Our technology also ensures our AR experiences are strong, stable, and reliable by ‘bundling’ many AR experiences in the cloud then downloading them on a user’s device, allowing a user to engage with many related AR experiences without constantly needing to connect to the cloud or rely on a strong internet connection.