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Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, BUNDLAR saw healthcare as a critical industry in need of augmented reality (AR) solutions to provide better care and outcomes for patients. Medical device augmented reality is one example. To confirm, we talked to doctors, medical device manufacturers, hospitals, among other industry experts. They confirmed our suspicions.

“What’s clear for the foreseeable future is that artificial intelligence will not replace physicians and clinicians in patient interactions, but rather, it will complement their skills and experience so that decision-making is more rapid and streamlined. We will have the opportunity to deliver more personalized and innovative care in a manner that is truly customer-centric.”

Howard Kern, CEO, Sentara Healthcare

One doctor, now an advisor, made it clear, “search engines are the enemy.” Everything he told his patients would quickly be forgotten and they would go online to search. The information they found tended to be paid ads, erroneous, impersonal, and caused fear where none should exist. Soon, his office would be flooded with calls from scared patients and their families. For him curated contextual information that he could create and control is the key to improving patient care.

Agencies like the The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) not only need contextual information, but have the daunting task of spreading it to citizens instantly on a country-wide scale to help stop a pandemic.

Another surgeon lamented at the lengthy process he has to go through to find information on a surgical device he may only use once a year, wishing he had instant on-demand access to the information he needs. Device manufactures echoed these sentiments, wanting an easier way to communicate with doctors and reps.

The AR Platform that BUNDLAR has developed creates an easy ecosystem for immersive information to be created, published, and delivered to millions or directly to specific doctors or patients. To learn more about how AR can be the driving solution to many healthcare problems, please contact us at