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Augmented Reality, or AR, is on-demand multimedia information (video, audio, 3D graphics, animation) delivered through a smart device into the physical environment.

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How does Augmented Reality Work?

For someone to place digital content in the real world through a smart device, they need two things:

  1. A Trigger (Image/Object or GeoFence Location)
  2. Digital Content (video, audio, 3D graphics, animation

The BUNDLAR App then recognizes the Trigger and places the corresponding Digital Content in the physical world.

Why BUNDLAR’s Technology is Better

One of the largest barriers to the widespread adoption of augmented reality has been the need for a skilled developer to create applications that can display AR experiences. With the BUNDLAR Platform, anybody, anywhere can create, edit, and deploy AR experiences whenever they want. There are many one-off solutions in the market now, but BUNDLAR allows AR experiences to be edited and updated after their initial deployment instantly and on a global scale.

Further, by ‘bundling’ related AR experiences in the cloud before a user downloads it locally to their device, users can engage with multiple related AR experiences without constantly needing to connect to the cloud or rely on strong internet service for each individual experiences. AR experiences and interactions are also instantaneous, stable, and reliable.

Bundled AR Experiences
Limited Internet Access Requirements
Independent AR Platform
Unlimited Potential AR Experiences
Do It Yourself Easy
Manage Your Own AR Experiences
Track Every User Interaction
Review Online Data Reports
JSON or API for Raw Data