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Looking for a way to engage junior high and high school students in a creative and interactive way, New College Institute (Virginia) approached BUNDLAR about our Augmented Reality (AR) Demo Wall (retractable banner) they saw at eduWeb 2018 in San Diego.

NCI’s Assistant Director of Academics and Communications, Melany Stowe, wanted to give kids an engaging experience when learning about potential professions at an upcoming career fair and for future marketing efforts.

After the initial planning, BUNDLAR and NCI decided on a retractable banner that would launch a 3D AR Engineer named Max. The kids could take a picture with Max (and an NCI logo) and also launch videos and other information about becoming an engineer by pressing digital AR icons. It worked!

The night of the event, Melany emailed BUNDLAR, “The students loved it!” with a link to over 100 pictures from the event. The reaction of the kids seeing themselves with Max, as well as the videos popping out of nowhere on the iPads was priceless.

NCI took it a step further by brilliantly repurposing their banners to create handouts students could take home with them and show to their friends and family.

To learn more about the NCI project and BUNDLAR custom augmented reality solutions, contact us at