We’re in unclear times. But a solution has presented itself.

Current circumstances have led to a workforce more comfortable and confident using technology to communicate. Adoption of innovation creates the ideal situation for businesses to increase productivity, streamline operations, and reserve capital and resources by leveraging new tools.


Experts agree that Augmented Reality (AR) increases efficiency though engagement by merging the physical and digital worlds. Present your clients, team, or suppliers with a host of multimedia information on top of printed or digital materials simply by pointing their smartphone at it. Provide on-demand, accurate, and current information without additional investment in equipment or staff. See how GE Healthcare’s productivity improved by 46% using AR.

Augmented REality 3D Floor Plan
Augmented Reality Field Performance Support
Medical Journal enhanced with augmented reality


In 2017, Apple and Google declared AR as the communication method of the future. Since then, every release of the iOS and Android operating systems have improved, added new features, and optimized the AR delivery method — something most Americans already own — their smartphone. Their commitment became our vision.

BUNDLAR provides the first and only DIY SaaS platform for the creation, editing, and publishing of Augmented Reality to the masses.

The BUNDLAR Platform is a web based content management system comprising a drag and drop AR composer that allows anyone, anywhere to easily create, edit, and publish AR experiences to a BUNDLAR app. These experiences are then available instantly, around the globe. No coding and no developers needed. 


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Covid-19 Augmented Reality Experience

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