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Augmented Reality (AR) for Training, Learning, and Development

Exceptional Results Start with Enhanced Employee Training

Augmented Reality offers an immersive approach to training, learning, and development. Effortlessly train and share knowledge based content with individuals across your organization and globally. Challenges stemming from onboarding, performance aid, or skill enhancement can be addressed more effectively with AR, leading to improved business results. Using BUNDLAR’s no-code platform, trainers can seamlessly augment their current training modules with AR

Augmented reality for training learning and development


Return on Investment

Increase performance and outcomes while reducing costs


Reduction in Errors

Reduce the potential for and impact of human errors


Learning Retention Rate

Achieve better learning comprehension and retention


Increase in Attention

Improve cognitive performance and executive functioning


Operations & Field Support

More and more companies are using AR to train operators, and guide them in the field using Augmented Reality. AR solutions provide visual, audio and textual aids to the operator to reduce human errors and costs associated with it. Field service AR also increases training effectiveness and reduces training costs by reducing the reliance on instructors.

ar for training maintenance gas meters and hvac

Equipment Installation, Service & Maintenance

Overlay text, videos, images, 3D models and more on equipment in order to provide instructions to the user in an interactive manner. Whether video game console support or step-by-step engine troubleshooting instructions, AR simplifies complex information where and when users need it.


Onboarding, Safety Protocol, Sales Enablement & More

AR transforms on the job experiences by providing employees with a more engaging process through hands-on interactions with information direct from subject matter experts. Clients have seen success with sales enablement, operational processes, schematics, and many other areas within their enterprise.

Watch How Microsoft Utilizes AR for Training Learning & Development

You are in Good Company

See it in Action

Request a demo of BUNDLAR to see how we enable enterprises to deliver their own immersive learning programs, measure impact, and optimize outcomes all with augmented reality job training.