Sesame Solar

"It's like having a field technician in your pocket!"

- Sesame Solar Inc.

Disaster Recovery: Renewable Nanogrid Installation and Operations with Augmented Reality

Sesame Solar produces trailers that carry portable solar nanogrids that can be set up by a single person in 15 minutes by following the Augmented Reality training, often doing so in emergent situations in areas without electricity.


The Challenge

Sesame Solar requires a portable, intuitive guide to setting up their SSRT model trailer, which is functional without an internet connection.

The Strategy

Create a environmental user guide that would allow the technician to walk around the trailer and receive ordered, contextual steps necessary to complete setup of the nanogrid. An immersive remote training experience to allow technicians to prepare and support troubleshooting offsite, or without a trailer.

The Solution

Based on the various components of the trailer that require instruction, BUNDLAR and Sesame Solar conceptualized 20 experiences for the bundle that would enable technicians to access all the information they need, in context, with the tap of a finger.

This was easily achieved by augmenting key triggers throughout the physical trailers.

The Outcome

Ready to use mobile, solar & green hydrogen-powered solutions that can be set up by one person in less than 15 minutes, regardless of experience, only using contextual AR instructions.

The ease of AR experience creation with the BUNDLAR platform has led to a rapid increase in ROI.

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The market is full of one-off solutions, but BUNDLAR users can edit their AR experiences after their initial deployment, as well. Our technology also ensures our AR experiences are strong, stable, and reliable by ‘bundling’ many AR experiences in the cloud then downloading them on a user’s device, allowing a user to engage with many related AR experiences without constantly needing to connect to the cloud or rely on a strong internet connection.

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