Thermo Fisher Scientific

1,600+ Interactions with training content

Sales Performance Support Will Never Be the Same

Thermo Fisher sought out to find an innovative solution to highlight the key information the sales team needed. Augmented Reality (AR) was the best solution to give the sales team focus to materials where and when they need them most.


The Challenge

The Thermo Fisher earning and development team constantly needs to implement innovative tools that make the most current programs and resources more accessible to support the sales team. Current static training materials aren’t measurable, don’t capture the attention of the audience, have low retention rates, and aren’t easily actionable.


The Strategy

To launch an AR proof of concept pilot by transforming static sales success materials to be interactive. In addition to producing new exclusive AR content, for ease of execution, the pilot leveraged existing content Thermo Fisher developed for sales support.


The Solution

A one stop shop Sales Support Guide enhanced with augmented pages highlighting the information critical to the sales teams plan, accessed through contextual buttons leading to more resources and tools needed to successfully execute on the sales plan, including pdfs, videos, forms, forums, infographics, and more.

The Outcome

Leveraging the ease of the BUNDLAR Platform to activate the AR Sales Support Guide, Thermo Fisher Scientific successfully enhanced and improved communications with the IC/SP sales team:

• 1,600+ Interactions

• 40% Engagement Rate

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BUNDLAR Augmented Reality Made Easy

Easy to customize. Rapid development. AR Affordable. AR Repeatable.

The market is full of one-off solutions, but BUNDLAR users can edit their AR experiences after their initial deployment, as well. Our technology also ensures our AR experiences are strong, stable, and reliable by ‘bundling’ many AR experiences in the cloud then downloading them on a user’s device, allowing a user to engage with many related AR experiences without constantly needing to connect to the cloud or rely on a strong internet connection.

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