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Augmented Reality Enhanced University Admit Pack Wins Over Prospective Students

By January 2, 2019April 1st, 2021No Comments

Deciding on which University a high school student wants to attend is the biggest decision most of them have made up to that point in their lives. Saint Louis University’s Madrid Campus wanted to separate themselves from other colleges by enhancing their admission packet to prospective students with augmented reality (AR).

SLU-Madrid was able to express that they are not only an international option, but an innovative university that is able to provide its students with unique opportunities and experiences.

“A few students who participated in the videos were in our office when we tested and they were amazed,” said Heidi Buffington, Director of Admissions at SLU-Madrid. “We started taking a look at the functionality of the app and [were] excited! It works quickly and the quality is great.” (SLU-Madrid chose to use BUNDLAR’s app as an introduction to AR.)

The addition of AR for SLU-Madrid was practical, using this cutting-edge technology correctly. Each video had a purpose. Each digital info bubble linked to critical webpages like how to apply for a visa or register for student housing. AR wasn’t done to be done, but with a coordinated vision and plan.

The admit packet also introduced AR intelligently to it readers. On the cover is an AR indicator or symbol and a brief message letting prospective students know it has been AR enhanced. Then the reader is given specific instruction on how to download the app and experience each AR enhanced page. The page itself is also enhanced with a unique welcome message from the Academic Dean.

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