Thank You BUNDLAR Team

March 27, 2020 - Written By Zach Martin
BUNDLAR Team Members at 1871 in Chicago

As our world is changing to combat the Coronavirus, BUNDLAR wants to thank all the first responders, medical staff, grocery store employees, and all others putting themselves in harms way.

As a tech company, the virus itself has a limited effect on our production, but the real-life consequences are felt by our team every day. We aren't a large corporation with layers of redundancies, but a relatively small group of professionals with kids, mortgages, and aging relatives. In some way, we are all feeling the impact of COVID-19.

The founders want to thank Lewis, Joe, James, Lauren, Thomas, Evan, Drew, Boyang, and our wonderful interns and acknowledge your hard work and professionalism during these tough times. We have grown so much as a work family since we've come together, and will come out the end of this stronger than ever.