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BUNDLAR proudly congratulates our very own Lauren Lemieux on receiving the Leadership Excellence in Technology award during the National Diversity Council’s 17th Annual Diversity Leadership Conference. Each year, the Leadership Excellence in Technology Award distinguishes a select group of individuals from diverse fields who exhibit exceptional leadership qualities. The focus of the award is to give prominence to the accomplishments of individuals who exceed the scope of what is expected in their organizations and communities.

In addition to receiving the Leadership Excellence in Technology Award, Lauren will speak at the conference on the “Creating Your Personal Board – The Power of Mentors & Allies” panel. During the discussion, Lauren and his fellow panel members will cover how to find potential members of your own “board” of advisors, mentors and advocates to help navigate career transitions and personal growth.

DiversityFirst will be hosting the 17th Annual National Diversity and Leadership Conference on April 21-22 and April 28-29, 2021. The conference will be held virtually with this year’s theme being “Be a Changemaker.”

“As diversity, equity, and inclusion are finally being seen and acknowledged as serious, pressing matters of discussion, we are delighted to honor and recognize the leaders who have become not only champions in their industries, but inspirations in their communities. We thank and honor our leaders in technology for your work and commitment, and we look forward to witnessing all that you’ll accomplish, all the leaders that you’ll develop, and the impact you’ll leave behind in the Tech sphere.” says National Diversity Council founder Dennis Kennedy.