First No-Code Augmented Reality Platform Now Available on AWS Marketplace

August 24, 2022 - Written By Lauren LemieuxShare:
BUNDLAR First Augmented Reality on AWS Marketplace

CHICAGO, Aug. 24, 2022 -- BUNDLAR's Augmented Reality (AR) platform, the fastest and easiest way to create, edit, and access AR experiences, is the first no-code AR solution provider on AWS Marketplace. 

Thanks to BUNDLAR’s simplified drag-and-drop content management system (CMS), anyone can create AR experiences without writing a single line of code. Using existing content, AR experiences can be created, published, and accessed in a matter of minutes, supporting the ever changing needs of today's workforce by providing information where and when they need it most. 

“BUNDLAR’s mission is to enable businesses to leverage the power of Augmented Reality at scale,” said Matthew Wren, President, CTO and Founder of BUNDLAR. “Part of making augmented reality easy means being available everywhere our customers are, including through their AWS account via the AWS Marketplace. They can now easily find and use BUNDLAR with AWS to meet their AR needs.”

By teaming up with AWS Marketplace, enterprise organizations will be able to easily add AR to their tech stack. AR training programs powered by BUNDLAR make training more cost-efficient and more performant with better learning retention, engagement, and outcomes; making it an essential tool for future training, learning, and development.



BUNDLAR is the leading no-code augmented reality platform for enterprises, empowering them to deliver impeccable immersive experiences to their employees and customers. The cloud-based platform provides everything needed to create, edit, and access impactful AR experiences. AR is the future of training, and BUNDLAR's end-to-end solutions make it easy. Connect with us on LinkedIn to learn more.