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Unlock the power of AR with this guide to augmented reality for field services! Get up to speed on the latest tools and strategies for improving your workflow.

What is Augmented Reality (AR) in Field Services?

Augmented reality (AR) provides field services with the ability to visualize data, increase accuracy and provide virtual support. AR tools allow technicians to see and access data in real time while working in the field. From route planning to equipment installation, AR technology can be used to guide technicians through any task from start to finish. Additionally, overlaid cues such as “trail lines” or task checklists can be presented at appropriate times during a job for clear instructions.

Develop Easy-to-Use Visualizations and Models

An effective way to use augmented reality in field services is to develop easy-to-use visualizations and models. For example, you can use 3D models to illustrate the inner workings of a machine, as well as its parts and components. This could be used to help technicians troubleshoot issues on its own without having to bring it to a shop or send another technician over. By visually seeing how the part fits in with others, technicians can identify if anything needs replacement or repair. Moreover, even complex tasks such as those involving wiring diagrams can be simplified through a digital overlay, helping users understand and complete their task easier.

Integrate AR Experiences Into Your Workflow

By integrating AR experiences into your workflow, you can improve productivity and efficiency across the entire business. For example, by displaying models of parts and components on a headset, technicians can quickly identify issues without bringing the equipment to a shop. Additionally, organizations can leverage AR overlays to provide step-by-step instructions or highlight safety practices both in the field or at production sites. This makes it easier for users to understand complex procedures while allowing businesses to save time and resources by reducing the need for hands-on training.


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