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The state of AR awareness in 2023: Many people understand what AR is, but very few understand how it can be impactful for their business.

Having helped numerous Enterprise businesses implement and scale AR, here are the top three characteristics, or many, that help determine whether there’s potential for AR to yield a significant positive result to the bottom line.



AR is all about combining digital content and the physical world in a contextual way, so delivering instructions for use/maintenance/repair on equipment in the physical world is a natural use case for AR.

When technicians in the field have an intuitive just-in-time resource, they move through procedures faster and with fewer errors, minimizing missed revenue due to downed equipment.

Your customers can also use this as a self-support tool instead of waiting on hold and eating up company resources on remote support.


Wide Geographic Footprint

Companies with a global presence have a high total cost of ownership of training employees who interact with equipment since training usually involves bringing employees to one of a handful of training centers for instructor-led training on the actual equipment.

These companies can shorten their in-person training and decrease associated costs like travel, lodging, and missed productivity by delivering base of knowledge content in AR before the in-person sessions.

This allows learners to visualize equipment in their space and have a “hands-on” dry run before they learn on the real equipment.


Diverse Workforce

The workforce is constantly evolving, and with that needs are changing to cater to various learning styles. Technical training specifically require accuracy and regular upskilling that can be simplified with AR.
Not only businesses with diverse workforces, but especially those with aggressive hiring goals this could be the result of an ambitious growth goal, high turnover, or a transient workforce.

In these cases, shortening ramp times will have a massive impact on the business. An AR job aid allows new hires to work at journeyman efficiency without sacrificing safety and without pulling experienced workers out of their productivity.


If you would like to explore implementing AR into your operations and training, contact us for a consultation to discuss your needs and AR opportunities.