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The last BUNDLAR team member who got the bio treatment was one of our investor and advisory board members, and the most interesting man in the world, Don Kiolbassa. The intro to Don’s profile was remarkable: “Shaolin monk. Lawyer. Gold medalist. C.P.A. Vice Chair. Movie ninja. And now BUNDLAR‘s newest champion.”

While Joe doesn’t have Shaolin monk on his CV, his history as a software developer is equal and as impressive to any CTO. Joe literally wrote the book on Unity, taking that expertise to develop in Unity3D for successful companies like Synapse Games, Peak6, and InContext Solutions. Joe also taught college courses at the University of Illinois at Chicago, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and Columbia College Chicago.

“I’m really excited about BUNDLAR because this is the commercial realization of technologies I’ve been experimenting with for a long time,” Joe said. “For example, around a decade ago I was using more primitive forms of image tracking to develop interactive art installations where viewers could see 3D models on their phones. And I certainly never thought to build out an entire backend service for augmented reality!”

Joe is focused on development of BUNDLAR Platform Apps, their functionality, and how they will be presented to the public user. His work is paramount to the longterm success of the BUNDLAR Platform.

“We interviewed dozens applicants for his role and Joe immediately stood out to the team,” said BUNDLAR Founder and Product Owner Gareth Davies. “His knowledge, skill, and patience with Unity is an asset to BUNDLAR, as is his ability to impart that to us. We are extremely happy with this addition to our core tech team.”

Welcome to BUNDLAR, Joe!