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Thomas Wynne has one of those brains. The kind that requires him to carry around physics textbooks to read for fun. A brain that can learn electronics engineering in six months. (More on that later.) Where others might see duct tape and floss, he sees the solution to a more efficient image recognition tool. He’s Math MacGyver.

While he may not be deactivating a bomb…just…in…time, Thomas’ diverse history has given him a versatile toolset that is key to BUNDLAR’s success. Like most BUNDLAR employees, Thomas is a student of multiple practices, focusing on Mathematics and Theatre & Film at the University of Georgia, even going to France for a Masters in Fine Arts.

In 2016, Thomas became a founding team member of MassVR — a giant, arena-scale, free-roam VRE platform based in Chicago, IL. His technical positions were Product Designer and Lead Hardware Engineer, but the work he did went well beyond those titles.

He was charged with researching, designing, prototyping, programming, and ultimately manufacturing all the proprietary hardware solutions for the MassVR. This included reverse engineering VR headsets/tracking systems like Oculus, and Microsoft Mixed Reality (Samsung Odyssey), and combining them with proprietary technology. To deliver on time, Thomas learned electronics engineering in six months.

Math MacGyver.

“I first met Thomas while he was building MassVR’s technology, and when I saw he was looking for work, immediately decided to schedule an interview,” said BUNDLAR Founder and CTO Matt Wren. “The interview didn’t disappoint, and neither has his performance since starting. Thomas’ combination of intelligence, drive, organization, and learning ability is hard to match, and it’s a huge asset to our team and the ongoing development of our technology.”

Welcome to BUNDLAR, Thomas!