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CHICAGO, Dec. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — BUNDLAR’s revolutionary Augmented Reality (AR) platform, a comprehensive no-code solution to create, edit, and access AR, has won the 2021 “Most Innovative Augmented Reality Startup” Small Business Award. The Small Business awards recognize companies that have seen success as demonstrated through innovative products and services, an exemplary reputation within their industry, and client/customer satisfaction across the board. The BUNDLAR Augmented Reality Content Management System (AR CMS) was recently featured at TechConnect 2021, AWE 2021, and I/ITSEC 2021 where interested attendees were invited to create and publish their own AR experience in under 10 minutes.

“Augmented reality is the future of how we interact with content, and our mission is to make it as accessible as possible,” commented Matthew Wren, BUNDLAR Founder, President, and CTO. “Our innovative software is speeding up the adoption of this technology, and successfully delivering the results our clients want and need,” he added. 

In addition to no-code AR development, the BUNDLAR platform is unlike any AR solution in the market because augmented reality experiences are bundled together. Instead of a single experience, one QR code or Bundle code can launch multiple experiences that are bundled together, reducing the need for the audience to start over with every new trigger. This allows users to seamlessly jump from experience to experience, regardless of the trigger type. BUNDLAR also allows users to analyze interactions and publish updates to their experiences to improve results, achieve desired outcomes, and optimize content. BUNDLAR technology also ensures all AR experiences are strong, stable, and reliable by ‘bundling’ many AR experiences in the cloud. Then, once they are downloaded on a device, users can engage with many related AR experiences without constantly needing to connect to the cloud or relying on a strong internet connection.

Learn more about BUNDLAR’s innovative no-code AR platform HERE.


About the Small Business Awards

Since 2016 the Small Business Awards have looked to celebrate small enterprises and their dedicated owners. Small businesses have given the global economy a solid foundation and help to shape the corporate landscape. Each year, Corporate Vision Magazine proudly seeks out the very best that the small business community has to offer on a global basis. Like all awards hosted by Corporate Vision, The Small Business Awards 2021 are judged purely on merit.



Headquartered in Chicago, BUNDLAR is an accessible web-based platform that provides a no-code, drag-and-drop interface for authoring, editing, and publishing augmented reality experience bundles to any supported mobile device. The platform reduces the time, cost, and complexity of implementing AR into existing communication channels. In addition to marketing and general applications, BUNDLAR can be utilized to augment existing training programs to increase efficacy, track completion/status, and provide faster problem resolution than traditional training methodologies.