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BUNDLAR’s revolutionary Augmented Reality (AR) platform, a comprehensive no-code solution to create, edit, and access AR, is now available on MOTAR. BUNDLAR is the first comprehensive end-to-end augmented reality solution provider on the MOTAR Platform, which will enable USAF employees to rapidly create, edit, publish, and access AR experiences with ease. Dynepic’s MOTAR (Member, Operations, Training, Analytics, Reports) platform is the USAF’s exclusive white-label of Dynepic’s DX Platform. MOTAR has all the platform services needed to power immersive training in a secure & open ecosystem with full identity and data management.

Dynepic’s MOTAR platform features 10 enterprise services that work seamlessly across the platform and through the open APIs/SDKs for XR companies to take advantage of in their applications and training experiences. With 15 of the industry’s best XR companies set to be activated and/or more deeply integrated on their platform over the next few months, MOTAR is bringing the industry’s most trusted and dynamic training capabilities to USAF trainers and students. MOTAR customers can be confident they have the best immersive and support options available on a secure, trusted platform.

Watch the video below to learn more about the MOTAR Platform.

MOTAR Platform from Dynepic on Vimeo.