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Procter & Gamble’s organic supplements and vitamins brand, New Chapter, delivered an AR experience at Natural Foods Expo West that engaged their customers, while memorializing the event and providing a “virtual postcard” to use as follow up with attendees by utilizing a BUNDLAR interactive 3D Augmented Reality (AR) Photo Booth.
“We were looking for an engaging way to interact with buyers and industry friends at the Natural Foods Expo West, when BUNDLAR CEO John Martin shared what their toolkit could offer,” said Marketing Technologist & DTC eComm Leader for New Chapter Rory Foster. “After a few discussions on ideas and execution, we landed on developing a private app for our team to take virtual postcards with guests featuring our in-market campaign icon Sponge Barb.”

Visitor’s of the New Chapter space could resize, spin, and reposition the Sponge Barb 3D model to place it in fun ways. When they found the right spot, a New Chapter representative would take a branded photo to be shared on social media or in a follow up email.

The AR Photo Booth experience was such a hit, New Chapter is expecting to use AR in multiple verticals in the future. It also educated decision makers in the supplement and vitamin industry on AR.

“Besides being a fun way to capture the moment at Expo West, it was also a great way to introduce AR’s ‘art of the possible’ to our sales channel and retail customers.” Foster continued. “We are already planning more permanent installations of the tech, and the team at BUNDLAR has made it easy by being highly responsive and collaborative throughout the process.”

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