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BUNDLAR and Training magazine partnered to deliver unique augmented reality (AR) experiences to the attendees of the 42nd Annual Training 2019 Conference & Expo.

“We added AR to our March/April print edition, which is our biggest issue of the year, and bonus-distributed at our annual conference,” Lori Gardner Associate Publisher of Training magazine said. “It was so fun to see attendees and exhibitors playing with and experiencing the AR pages on site.”

The enhanced pages in the Training magazine included an article on AR training and ads with digital info bubbles with links to webpages for more information and additional video content. The Conference also smartly enhanced printed materials in their promotional registration bag giving attendees multiple touch points to experience the events promotional AR materials.

“We have numerous exhibitors who are already asking us about how to incorporate AR into their future ad pages and content marketing pages,” Gardner continued. “It’s a thrill to see and hear such enthusiasm for this ‘next gen’ opportunity with print.”

BUNDLAR also showcased multiple uses for AR at the Conference, including the ever popular AR Photo Booth seen here with ARtie the BUNDLAR robot rocking out Training magazine staff.

To learn more about AR and how you can have your own AR enhance magazine, contact BUNDLAR at