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Augmented Reality (AR) seems to be a phrase people have heard, but don’t really know. They’ve heard it, or in many cases even experienced it, because of Snapchat or Pokémon GO, but the understanding ends with filters and digital characters. AR is much more powerful, yet even simpler than either AR app suggests.

It’s On-Demand Information. That’s it.

In the cases of Snapchat or Pokémon GO, their wacky digital artwork is the information, but when applied to the world at large, it can be anything. Use a digital instructional manual or ‘How To’ video to remind an employee how to use the paint mixer in aisle four or to walk them through the proper protocol to reboot a complex machine or computer in a hospital. Immerse prospective students and museum visitors with AR enhanced campus tours and exhibits, respectively. Take new employees on an interactive AR training program, while monitoring every interaction to digest their learning habits and needs.

BUNDLAR is making these immersive experiences easy to create and deliver to your audience.

The BUNDLAR AR Content Management System (CMS) allows businesses, institutions, and individuals access to a do-it-yourself easy AR platform to create their own augmented reality experiences — aka on-demand information. No more expensive AR developers or lengthy timelines. It’s AR Made Easy.

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