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Augmented Reality (AR) at its core is just On-Demand Information. So, how can On-Demand Information save a business, institution, or individual time and money for training, learning, & development

  1. Accurate & Curated Training Materials: Bob and Jill may train employees slightly differently, resulting in confusion or delays. Every employee will now be trained “the right way” removing inefficiencies from your process.
  2. Instant or On-Demand Answers: If a new employee forgets how to use the cash register or a paint mixer, they would simply point their smart phone at them to trigger a step-by-step guide or video explaining the process. No more wasting time looking for supervisors to answer basic questions.
  3. Track the Progress of Employee Training: Every AR interaction is tracked, making it easy to understand what your employees need help with or what they are succeeding at. Jim may have looked at an instructional video five times in a week for one piece of equipment, while ignoring the rest. It may be helpful to walk Jim through the machine he seems to have trouble with personally again. Remove unnecessary inefficiencies.

The best part? The BUNDLAR AR Content Management System (CMS) allows businesses, institutions, and individuals access to a do-it-yourself easy AR platform to create your own AR On-Demand Training programs! It’s AR Made Easy. Watch the BUNDLAR company video to see how.

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