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As an augmented reality (AR) platform company, BUNDLAR was lucky enough not to have our workflow disrupted too much by the Coronavirus pandemic. We largely already worked remotely, but even still, the world around us is unrecognizable.

Our team members with kids need to home-school or take on responsibilities around the house they haven’t before. Further, as the stay-at-home orders rolled out through America, BUNDLAR had also just hired two new team members. We had to train staff without any human interaction for the first time in company history. As we started to talk with clients and advisors about their experiences, it became clear this was not an industry specific issue, but an economy-wide one.

Switching up your learning strategy to better support remote learning is only the start. In order to maintain effective and impactful training, you will have to evaluate how to adapt and transform your training program — which doesn’t equate to simply delivering the same training via video conferencing. So, how can leaders design compelling and engaging training programs for today’s remote workforce as learning and upskilling become more important than ever?

Darren Shimkus, Forbes

Companies suddenly need an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop platform they can quickly edit and instantly update their learning materials on a global scale to train staff — from new hires to sales reps to executives — with interactive experiences including video, audio, 3D models, animation, and mixed media tools. The BUNDLAR Platform allows for institutions to deliver immersive AR training, learning, and development programs company-wide, and even implement them into their Learning Management Systems (LMS).

One customer’s supply-chain has shifted from in-person rep training to sending them a package with written instructions. The next thing our client knew, her reps were calling her individually and she had to walk them through it one-by-one, taking hours, something that is not a feasible solution. She wanted her reps to be able to access instant, on-demand information with videos, digital guides, audio, and interactive tools simply by pointing their phone at the box they sent. The best part, she can track what her reps are looking at and see where they may need some help.

Each day we hear examples like this where the BUNDLAR Platform will save companies time and money in our new remote workplace world. To learn more visit and email