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“People are increasingly interested in personalized learning journeys, catering to the specifics of what they’re looking for as opposed to providing blanket training is vital. It is all about getting the right content to the right person at the right time.”

Michelle Tasevski, Director of Learning and Development at Addison Group

It’s always just better to stick to the facts. After all, the BUNDLAR Platform was built to provide training experts with the ability to deliver immersive learning and development programs to their company’s employees. As the COVID-19 crises has spread around the world, two facts have become clear:

1. Demand for at-home learning has risen “exponentially

  • Citing “skill gaps relating to work-life balance, time management and active listening,” workers want to acquire skills to increase productivity while working remotely amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • 50% increase in companies moving in-person training to a virtual format.
  • Nearly 60% of healthcare and 50% of public administration, education, and non-profit organizations reported an increase in logins for virtual training.

2. Human Resource (HR) pros are “most interested” in augmented reality (AR) training

  • Almost half of employers plan to increase their VR/AR training budgets.
  • More than 50% of employees in every job category want to train using VR/AR.
  • Employers and employees both want upskilling.

Because of these two facts, and with upskilling becoming a priority for both employees and employers, the BUNDLAR Platform provides the solution for easily editable training, learning, and development programs that can be deployed instantly on a global scale. With a simple drop-and-drag Content Management System (CMS), building and launching new upskilling AR sessions is simple and easy.

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