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“This is the reason I’m so excited about [augmented reality]. You rarely have a new technology where business and consumers both see it as key to them. So I think the answer is that’s the reason that I think it’s going to pervade your life.”
-Tim Cook, Apple, CEO, at Apple’s fiscal first-quarter earnings call last Tuesday.

Augmented Reality (AR) is simply on-demand information that saves businesses, institutions, and individuals time and money.

In 2017, both Apple and Google declared the mobile device the platform for delivering AR, creating ARKit and ARCore, respectively, to allow a playground for AR developers to create AR Experiences.

BUNDLAR has taken that vision even further with our do-it-yourself AR Content Management System (CMS) making AR creation easy, repeatable, and affordable. We have removed many barriers, including the need for developers.

Anyone, anywhere can now create their own AR experiences.

So, what’s your Augmented Reality strategy?

We believe the ease of the BUNDLAR AR platform will remove many roadblocks and help make Cook’s vision in 2016 a reality; to make AR as normal as “eating three meals a day.” 

To learn more about augmented reality, how the market is taking shape, and how the BUNDLAR do-it-yourself AR CMS is going to make AR easy, repeatable, and affordable, contact